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Where in my skin routine should I apply the gradual face tanner?

We recommend applying as the final step of your routine after cleansing, serums, moisturizer. If you are applying in the morning, apply your typical skincare, followed by the tan and then then finish with your spf before makeup. 

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship within Canada and the U.S. We hope to offer internationally shipping later this year. 

Will my payment be in CAD?

Currency conversion to USD occurs at the time of payment capture. 

Can I use the tan while pregnant/breastfeeding?

The ingredients themselves should give you no reason for concern, but with that said it has not been officially tested for pregnancy/breastfeeding. I would say, it is up to you or your doctor’s discretion. Here is an article on that might be helpful. 

What do you recommend for a body tan/will my body be a different color? 

We recommend always applying down your neck and chest. You can use quite a bit of the product and lather it down and blend it out to where your necklines would be.

We are excited to be releasing a formula for body in the Fall - but in the meantime here is a hack you can do with our Gradual Face Tan. Or if you are looking for just a subtle tan you can try playing around with adding dropper fulls of the tan to your body lotion. 

Does the Gradual Tanner expire? 

The official shelf life is 6 months after opening. That being said, nothing bad will happen if you use it past that time. But that’s just the recommendation. If you are concerned about using it up in time, we suggest you start using it on your legs or other parts of your body.

I have olive skin, will it work on me? 

The Gradual Face Tan reviews will be helpful for you to see the range of skin tones of our customers. A formula for medium to dark skin will be launching this winter. 

Will it darken my age spots?

The tan is only going to be darker on drier/more absorbent spots.

You can add some lotion or oil on those spots as a “barrier” or just make sure your face is uniformly hydrated prior to applying, or mix the tan with facial oil or could also use a q-tip to wipe away product in those spots.

Does the Gradual Tanner contain oil?


Do you offer wholesale?

We currently do not offer wholesale.

Can I pickup my order?

Sorry, we do not have a local pickup location, all orders are shipped from Vancouver, BC.