“I love it! My (Face Tan) application has been two nights in a row, night off and then I'll do another 2 nights in a row. I have been using the freckles almost every day too. My skin can be finicky and it's reacting really well to the products.” -Bailey Morgan

"I loved working with the Saltyface products. The tanning water is lightweight and does not leave any residue. It gives a soft, natural glow. The freckle stain is great for adding color to natural freckles or beauty marks. A little touch of summer!" -Brooke Sovdi [Makeup artist]

"I’ve used a number of self-tanning products over the years, but never stuck with any because I found them to either be too difficult to apply or the ingredients too harsh. Saltyface tanning water is so light! It’s comparable to a facial toner, making it easy to incorporate into my daily skincare routine. I also love that the tan is gradual, the ingredients are natural and safe, and that it’s bottled in glass." -Genevieve Kang

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"The Saltyface gradual face tan has been the perfect addition to my skin routine. Keeping my face protected and out of the sun is important to me, now I have a clean product that creates a glowy tan on my face that I have never had before! I can wake up, moisturize and go without having to colour match my face with foundation and bronzer. I love it so very much!"