Join the Sun Club


About the Sun Club

  • Joining Sun Club means that your community will receive 10% off their order and give you 8% cash back (not credit) - that’s an average of over $8 back from every order.
    (Our top Sun Club Affiliate for March made over $800 with a couple posts!)
    • You'll also receive free Saltyface products as well as exclusive perks and stay updated on what content brings in the most sales. Monthly themes with content and copy ideas to help drive commission with affiliate links + codes. 
    • Top performing qualifying Sun Club Affiliates will receive an invite to join Sun Club Community quarterly to earn higher commission + exclusive perks listed below.
    • Currently only open to Canada and USA based creators.
    • Creators with as little as 1K followers can join Sun Club.





    About the Sun Club Community

    • Top performing qualifying Sun Club Affiliates will receive an invite to join Sun Club Community
    • Accepting an invitation to Sun Club Community means that your community will receive 10% off their order and give you 12% cash back (not credit) - that’s an average of over $11 back from every order.

    • You'll receive exclusive perks such as testing unreleased products to provide feedback through our private group chat. Involved in launches and promotions by receiving newest products to share on socials. 
    • Stay updated on what content brings in the most sales. Monthly Themes that contain content and copy ideas to drive commission with affiliate links + codes. Monthly themes may periodically offer rewards such as Paypal bonuses, Airbnb gift cards, etc.
    • Sun Club Community offers a tight knit community connected by a private chat.
    • Creators of all followings can be invited - Sun Club is assessed quarterly for qualifying affiliates to receive invitation from Saltyface’s team.


    Qualifications for Sun Club Community are:

    • Commission earnings over $700 within 6 months
    • High traffic to site - over 450 Unique Clicks through your link within 6 months
    • Creating content that is on brand and can be shared on our channels


    Have a specific partnership or photoshoot idea? We’d love to hear it! 



    Commissions over $50 will be paid out every two weeks in CAD through Paypal. Please ensure to verify your Paypal email address when signing up for Sun Club. Commissions are calculated based on the order total excluding taxes and shipping cost. Any commissions earned through an affiliate referral link or code will not be processed in the event that the corresponding order is cancelled or returned. 

    Program Conditions

    Saltyface has the right to accept and decline applicants as well as close any inactive accounts. Saltyface reserves the right, at sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Service by posting updates and changes to their website. It is Affiliates responsibility to check Saltyface’s website periodically for changes. Should there be alterations to commission rates Affiliates will be notified by email. 

    Sun Club Affiliate links and codes are active for 1 year - assessed quarterly (every 3 months) for invitations to Sun Club Community. After 3 months, inactive or under performing affiliates will expire. Performing affiliate codes will be reactivated for another 3 months and so on. 

    Saltyface reserves the right to select Sun Club Affiliates for Sun Club Community based on performance. Performing Affiliates are creators driving more than $0 to Saltyface OR driving more than 100 clicks through your link to site OR posting on brand content. Affiliates are responsible for promoting Saltyface products in a manner that aligns with the brand and brand’s values. Affiliates are also responsible for ensuring that thier referral link is used properly and not shared in a way that violates Saltyface’s terms of service.

    By being in Sun Club or Sun Club Community and creating content related to Saltyface products, you acknowledge and agree that Saltyface may repost, share, and use your content in Saltyface’s sole discretion. Saltyface will always share with appropriate credit and ask permission before altering any content related to Saltyface. Saltyface will always ask before using content for Ads or anything related to paid promotions. See Terms and Conditions (12) for more details pertaining.

    More Product/Refill Request Process

    Active Affiliates of Sun Club and Sun Club Community that need refills of any Saltyface products, may fill out the Refill Request Form. Saltyface prioritises sending products to Affiliates who have not recently received a package, within 60 days, and who have posted content about Saltyface. By submitting the refill request, the Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that Saltyface will review the request and determine whether to send more product, at Saltyface’s sole discretion. 

    Additional (less fun) Terms

    Affiliates must comply with the Terms and Conditions of the social media platforms being used for promoting Saltyface's products or services. This includes, but is not limited to, following the guidelines on advertising and sponsored content, disclosing Affiliate relationship with Sun Club or Sun Club Community, and respecting the community standards of the social media platforms. Any violation of the social media platform's Terms and Conditions may result in termination of the affiliate partnership.

    Saltyface will primarily communicate with Affiliates via email to provide updates on any promotions, and it is Affiliates responsibility to regularly check emails for relevant information. Additionally, please note that all promotional entries must incorporate the designated monthly "Theme Words" in the caption, and be posted within the relevant month to be a valid entry.

    For promotions involving prizes, Saltyface reserves the right to select a winner, in Saltyface’s sole discretion, based on the criteria deemed appropriate.

    Commission percentage can be affected/changed for monthly promotions and Affiliates will be notified of change via email.